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Is my baby cold?

As a mother you always wonder if your baby is warm enough. Heat loss can prevent your baby from sleeping, drinking and growing properly. A lot of ingested food is used to keep the body warm. This leaves few calories for growth. And eventually there is a loss of strength to be able to drink properly. Drinking well is good for the growth and heat retention of the baby's body.

Much heat loss occurs through the head. The head is in fact 1/4 part of the baby's body. And that is why it is good to use a hat for the Newborn. The Danish brand Konges Slojd has wonderfully soft baby hats made of organic cotton in various fun prints. These are ideal for keeping your newborn baby's head warm.

A woolen baby blanket can also keep a baby warm. Even better than a cotton blanket. Wool has a higher insulating effect than cotton due to the amount of air in the fibers. Wool can breathe well so the baby will not sweat.

Do you also want your baby to drink and sleep well? Try these tips! Look, feel and listen carefully to your baby.


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